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(an alternative to litigation)

Mediation is a process in which opposing parties come together in the presence of a neutral person to negotiate the terms of an agrement which can then be presesnted to the court or supervisory authority. The advantage in such a process is that it removes obstacles to arriving at an understanding with the other party. The process is often used for divorce, custody, and support disputes, as well as organizational and family conflicts.

Proposals are heard, modified, accepted or rejected on the spot, rather than filtered through many one-way conversations. The principal parties remain in charge of the process and it is therefore possible to minimize their sense of helplessness.

Mediation encourages the use of individual attorneys in divorce cases to review and file the final documents, further safeguarding each person's interests.

Inquire about the availability of mediation as an alternative for yourself or your clients. Litigation is always available, but may often be successfully avoided through mediation.